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Our Focus


Journeyman International's "Research Education and Design (RED) Studio" is a non-profit organization built around providing undergraduate and graduate-level university students with an opportunity to design, build and research for real-world clients who are in need and desire good design. The RED Studio teams with other non-profit and charity organizations to help service the missions of each organization. The RED Studio focuses on specific projects in the realms of supportive and sustainable housing, emergency aid, and other health, education and housing issues.

Our Goal

Red Summer Studio

To instill within the community and students a sharper understanding of professional practice, a heightened awareness of public interest design, and deep experience in research techniques.

The Anew School

The Anew School is an educational program that takes at-risk students from urban America to Africa to live and study.

Mauritania Clinic

This building will not only provide health care but also a vocational school to help train the next generations of health care technicians.

Turning Point Housing

Turning Point Housing aims to decrease the 24% of chronically homeless people by providing traditional and permanent housing.

Latest News


The RED Studio’s recent 95 page publication is now available for pre-order.

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